6 Amazing Content Marketing Tips Every Manufacturer Needs to Know

6 Amazing Content Marketing Tips Every Manufacturer Needs to Know

Manufacturing marketing has always been somewhat challenging. While you need to appeal to a wide audience, it’s a very specific-minded group. It’s not the average consumer; the aim is for industrial buyers – those who need a product or service. It means your approach to content marketing has to be very specific to attract the right audience. Fortunately, it’s easier than it sounds.

So, what great content marketing tips should manufacturers know about today?

Automation is Key

Simple things can prove tiresome, like sending welcome emails to new subscribers or order confirmations. These things are important but take up a lot of time. This is where automation plays a crucial role in your industry. Email automation software does the hard work. You create a schedule so that the software automatically sends an email to a specific group of people – such as new signees. It means workflow is more effective and you nurture leads with little effort.

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The Sales Pitch Isn’t Always Effective

For decades, manufacturers relied on their sales pitch to attract buyers. Unfortunately, buyers are getting tired of seeing the same old ads, glorifying products. It’s partly down to the expansion of the internet and the endless ads floating around. While they do have a part to play, you need to take a different approach. Instead, focus on why people need your service. Be the problem-solver of the industry and show people what your products can do. Learn more about MQL vs. SQL at https://aionafinnegan.com/industrial-lead-generation-mql-vs-sql/

Personalization Makes Manufacturing Marketing More Effective

Tailor the experience for the individual and you will get a better response. For instance, when you’re sending an email or newsletter, make sure you use the recipient’s name. Why? It feels personal. The email is just for you, not a dozen other potential buyers. Personalization does create a better response because it speaks to the person directly. The same can also be used with content and recommendations. So, if you want to stand out in your industry, you need to consider personalization.

Segmentation Focuses on Specific Groups

Manufacturers are looking to target a very specific group of individuals and it can be easier to achieve through segmentation. For instance, manufacturing marketing can focus on one geolocation. This can be extremely important for manufacturers that operate in a specific area or want to expand in another. It’s the same when they want to attract the attention of executives and buyers. Segmentation is a necessity to attract buyers on a larger scale. Learn more about what is geolocation by clicking here

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The Art of Video Creation

Video content is a popular and often important aspect of manufacturing marketing today. The reason why is that it can show a manufacturer in a different light. For instance, product demos could help a buyer decide on a product. Video factory tours allow buyers to see what your factory has to offer and if it’s large enough to handle their orders. Video creation is a simple idea because even a few ads can make a big difference.

Keyword-Optimized Content

Whether you’re putting out a social media post or an article, it should always be optimized with SEO, especially relevant keywords. Keyword optimization makes your content so much easier to find online. It can also help with good search engine placement. Regardless of your industry, the content you put online should be optimized. This is how marketing becomes more effective and why manufacturers need to focus on it too.

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